School Yoga and Mindful Schools programs can be implemented separately in schools or combined to create a truly comprehensive program aiming to create a focused, connected, resilient and confident school community.

Sensitive to the beliefs, traditions and cultures of our diverse community, all yoga and mindfulness classes conducted through KinKou Yoga are secular, providing health and wellbeing programs based on continuing research into the physical and mental benefits of yoga exercises and mindfulness practices.


Kathy provides an excellent variety of Yoga classes that suit the needs and abilities of the students in every class. She has a positive and caring approach with the students, clearly explaining, demonstrating and encouraging each student to work to her potential and within safe boundaries. The students respond well, and happily express their enjoyment of the classes to me. The classes promote strength, flexibility, balance, focus, attention and relaxation. Yoga is a popular sport choice on our program and classes always fill quickly at enrolment time. I recommend KinKou Yoga for any schools wishing to offer Yoga for school Sport or PDHPE lessons.

— Belinda Sparks, St Mary's College Sport Coordinator

Yoga for children and teens can look quite different to a general yoga for adults class. So when looking for a yoga teacher to teach yoga to students in your school, it's important to make sure they are well qualified to teach these unique populations. Kathy from KinKou Yoga is a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia, having completed yoga teacher training specific to children (3-12 years) and specific to teens. Click here to read about more about Registered Children's Yoga Teachers.

KinKou Yoga's School Yoga Program is essentially Mindful Movement (and we are happy to be called that), incorporating challenging, yet achievable, body shapes and movements in a mindful, breath centred way.

Games, stories and creative imagination ensures younger students are kept engaged, while age-related appropriate information on health and wellbeing is provided to older students. Partner and group exercises add to the fun of School Yoga for all age groups, acknowledging the need and desire for social connection that children and teens innately feel.

School Yoga is non-competitive and inclusive of all children in the group. Kathy is experienced in working with children and teens of varying abilities, additional needs and behaviour challenges and is the program creator and teacher of Kids Reach Tall, a funded after school inclusive yoga class administered by CareWays Community (you can read more about Kids Reach Tall by clicking here).  Before starting a School Yoga program a meeting can be set up to discuss any particular challenges individual students have, so that specific modifications can be prepared for in advance to ensure a smooth flow ensuring each student feels at ease and can participate in the group.

School Yoga can be tailored to fit in with a current unit of study in any subject, where a physical movement based lesson can enhance and add to classroom learning. In this case, a short meeting is arranged with the relevant teacher to discuss themes and learning areas so that the School Yoga Program can assist in students meeting specific syllabus outcomes.

Kathy, your yoga sessions for our Year 12 students were great and the boys were so positive about them.
You managed to change a few minds about how hard Yoga can be, and also give them some guidance to helping relieve their stress in the coming months during their exams.
Thank you so much for your contribution.
— Tienelle Anderson, Edmund Rice College

With its movement base and non-competitive spirit, KinKou Yoga's School Yoga Program is a perfect addition to school sport options.  Yoga is often a very popular sport choice providing a much appreciated option for students who find other sport options intimidating and likewise it can be a good choice for young athletes wanting to learn about ways to stretch their muscles in safe ways and learn the art of not always needing to be competitive.

As a whole school wellbeing initiative, KinKou Yoga's School Yoga Program can provide a cohesive way to bring the whole school together, linking in with other Social and Emotional Learning activities.  Examples are the Kids Matter initiative and the Crossroads program.

School yoga programs are available for primary school children from Kindergarten to Year 6, high school students from Years 7 to 12 or specific groups such as Special Needs, Behaviour Support, Senior School Relaxation and Stress Relief or a lunchtime option for any student.

Research relating to the benefits of yoga to children and teens is already abundant and is increasing! If you're interested in reading about studies that have been done, the following link will provide you with plenty to get you started... 


School Yoga is:

  • Excellent for bodies and health. Promotes balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.

  • Improves concentration and focus.

  • Develops brain and intellect.

  • Helps develop calmness.

  • Develops creativity and imagination.

  • Builds confidence and a sense of connection with others and the world around them.

  • Helps to cope with stress and difficult emotions.

  • Fosters cooperation, kindness and respect

From a KinKou Yoga School Yoga Program you can expect:

  • Increased Academic Performance

  • Decreased Classroom Behaviour Issues

  • Decreased Playground Problems

  • Increased Community and Connectedness

A school yoga program easily fits into a school's Sport program, PDHPE syllabus, fitness time, any current unit of classroom learning,  or be an integral part of a student welfare and wellbeing initiative. 

A typical School Yoga Program costs $1500/per term and consists of

  • one x one hour class/week (maximum 30 students per class)

  • structured, themed classes to fit in with school's requirements

  • appropriate music for age and theme

  • mats can be provided for a small fee of 25cents/mat/class

For the cost of one-off classes or shorter or longer length classes please contact me directly.  Visuals can be provided for students with additional needs, once again, contact me directly for costs associated with this.

Contact me to discuss your schools yoga program requirements and start the process of creating a School, with





Mindfulness is the present moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, sensations and surrounding environment.  Simple? Well… yes and no. It’s a simple concept but putting it into practice can, well, take some practise!

In a nutshell, Mindfulness works by impacting directly on the nervous system and improving the functioning of the Prefrontal Cortex.

Mindfulness works directly with the nervous system to allow two key things to take place:


If you’re working in a school environment I’m sure it won’t take you long to come up with a very worthwhile list of benefits for your students being able to pay attention better (ie concentrate) and self-regulate (ie manage impulse control and emotional regulation)!

The Mindful Schools Curriculum has been created by Mindful Schools ( program is flexible in delivery, with typical implementation of two 15 minute classes a week for 8 weeks. It's a very affordable program with the possibility of extremely valuable benefits.  Research is continuing to show the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice for anyone and given our complicated, fast-paced and high pressured society this generation of children are growing up in, it seems we cannot afford not to provide them with the knowledge of how to practice Mindfulness.

The Mindful Schools Program can be used as an integral part of Social and Emotional Learning for the whole school or a specific year group. It is individually listed as a relevant program for the Kids Matter Initiative (

At a cost of $480/classroom, the Mindful Schools Program provided by KinKou Yoga typically includes:

  • 16 Session Curriculum: delivered over 8 weeks, twice per week (maximum 30 students per classroom).

  • FREE Teacher Orientation Meeting: 30-45 minute presentation and Q&A with teachers and administrators about mindfulness, program goals, what to expect, and what is asked of them.

  • FREE Mid-Program Meeting: 30 minute meeting with teachers to find out how it’s going and answer questions.

  • FREE End of Program Meeting: 30-45 minute meeting with teachers and administration to wrap up, answer questions, and talk about next steps after the program.

  • FREE Student Workbooks: one mindfulness workbook per student.

The Mindful Schools Curriculum has been used with more than 750,000 students nationally and internationally. Mindful Schools was the first program teaching mindfulness to youth to complete a randomized control study. The study showed improvement in attention, impulse control, self-awareness, and care for others.


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