My Favourite Things

I can be very fussy... or discerning might be a more complimentary word ;) I agonise a LOT over products and/or services that I use and their ethical values, their monetary value, and then obviously how much the purchase will serve my purpose! I do a lot of research, which takes a lot of time, before I commit. So I LOVE  a referral from someone I trust to save me LOADS of time. This got me thinking... I can do that for you! If you're interested in some of the things I'm interested in, I've saved you time, energy and agonising by letting you know some of the products and services I've personally researched AND used to my absolute satisfaction.  Yes, its only a super small list right now, but if you check back I'll be adding to it :)

(NONE of the following provide me with ANY affiliate fee or incentive to promote their product or service.)


Mukti Mats

I personally know the owners of Mukti Mats and I can guarantee you that they are absolutely the real deal when it comes to authenticity and ethical choices (their mats are made with a focus on being environmentally friendly and they use verified ethical workplaces). I currently own and use two of their mats. The Mukti Grounded and the Mukti Float. The Mukti Grounded is my everyday mat. These days I bring it to all classes that I attend as a student and many classes that I teach. It is a solid mat that lies beautifully flat and heavy, providing a perfect mix of grip in standing postures and padding for my knees or back when practicing floor-based asanas. The Mukti Float was my recent holiday companion in Vanuatu :) This was the first time I'd used it and it was brilliant! It is light as a feather but still lays nice and flat (even if its been folded rather than rolled to fit in luggage), it was comfortable to use and so versatile.  I used it on the sand, on the grass and on wet wooden decking. A light shake is all it needed to get rid of dirt, grass, sand and it was ready to use again!



This is an AMAZING group of women (one of whom is the beautiful Gail, who often helps out with KinKou Yoga). If you want to donate money or buy gifts or items for yourself and KNOW without a doubt that your donation (or purchase) will go directly to helping others in need than this is it! Beginning as a long-time group of friends holidaying together in Cambodia, these inspiring women decided that they wanted to do something tangible to make a positive difference to the struggling children, families and other individuals they felt privileged to have met and visited with. Everything these women do is voluntary. There is absolutely no administration costs. Their efforts are often related to their visits to Cambodia, however they will fund raise and support wherever they feel they can make a very real, tangible, difference.

goddess line.jpeg

The Goddess Line

Most people who've been to one of my classes will be familiar with the gorgeous scent of Parvati from The Goddess Line. The Goddess Line is an ethical business - NO animal testing, environmentally sensitive and 10% of profits go to charity. The only downside is they are New York based. As they no longer provide wholesale for their lotions I can no longer provide them for sale myself (I used the wholesale price to offset the HUGE postage cost so I could pass them on to you at a good value price). I have also used and continue to use their perfumes and they are oh so beautiful! My favourite out of what I have left is Athena, and I have finished my supply of Ratri and Isis. Once you start using essential oil based perfumes (rather than chemical based) its hard to go back. They smell divine and I like knowing there's nothing nasty going on my skin. Perfumes made with natural ingredients also tend not to cause irritation to people around you as well.