Kids Reach Tall

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Isaiah got his school report, and in it was a comment...”Isaiah has shown great improvement in his ability to self-regulate...” Rowan got a certificate and one of the things listed was “improvement in self regulation.” I credit Kids Reach Tall...thank you!

The Kids Reach Tall program is for children between 9 and 15 with or without additional needs and is proving to be an overwhelming success!  

This unique program tips mainstream on its head and provides a class in which we cater to children with disability or additional needs as a priority and invites everyone to join in. In our experience, ALL children benefit from the additional set-up and planning this requires. 

In a Kids Reach Tall Yoga class we take into consideration things such as sensory processing, ability to pay attention for periods of time, emotional regulation, anxiety and the need for routine as well as ways to provide access to the class physically.  This highly structured class includes visual prompts, props, sensory experiences as well as specific yoga poses designed to enhance proprioception, vestibular input, strength, flexibility and fitness. Each class is limited to just 8 children with an experienced assistant also present to ensure all children are catered to. All this is in a safe, fun and inclusive atmosphere!

Run by Careways and with classes provided by KinKou Yoga this very popular program requires funding to continue. Careways  are continually applying for and investigating ways to have Kids Reach Tall funded so that it can continue and expand.

If you are interested in having your child/ren attend future classes please contact me or Carly at Careways Community to book in ASAP as spots fill fast.


This is what some parents of children in the 2016 class had to say to an Illawarra Mercury reporter:

They both love it. It is the first thing they have ever been able to do together. She gets to see him in a way she has never been able to see him before and participate in something with him.
— Parent of Zhayne and Armani
It is good for them to do it together. It is something they both enjoy..and look forward to every Monday. Both have autism but they are at complete opposite ends on some things and help each other. Being part of a small group and doing something a bit different is really good for them.
— Parent of Rowan and Isaiah