Hi there! I'm Kathy.

"If only I'd known about yoga and mindfulness as I was growing up!"

It's that thought that led me on my journey to become a yoga teacher. 

After practicing yoga for many years and working in a school assisting children with additional needs to participate in mainstream school, it occurred to me to offer some of the tools I'd learned from yoga to the young people I was working with - and it did make a positive difference! Yoga works for everyone, it is the ultimate inclusive practice. However, teachers require a real understanding and knowledge of where their students are at in order to make it accessible.   Making yoga and mindfulness accessible to young people of all abilities is now my passion, my mission and my work! 

Growing up can be hard and filled with complicated emotions. Yoga provides a way to be at peace with life, with a healthy body, mind and spirit allowing all life has to offer to be enjoyed with calm and joy.  I love sharing what I know about yoga and mindfulness as it has made such a positive impact on my own life. So I know from experience that it works, but there is also more and more positive scientific research which continues to prove the benefits are there for anyone who practices regularly. 

A stronger, more flexible and balanced body which moves with ease and comfort. A more focused, emotionally stable mind.  An understanding and love of the real, authentic you - body, mind and spirit. And a way to bring mind, body and spirit together to live a more integrated and purposeful life. Who doesn't want that?! And how AMAZING would it be to have all this introduced to you as you navigate the often rocky road of adolescence?!!!

KinKou Yoga offers a way for tweens and teens to be at peace with themselves and their life.  Creating a way for them to feel HAPPY, HEALTHY and WHOLE :)

  • Registered Yoga Teacher of Adults and Children: Yoga Australia

  • Yoga Teacher Training: Sukha Mukha Yoga

  • Diploma of Yoga Teaching in Zen Ki Yoga®: The Centre of Yoga

  • Yoga for Children Training - Foundation, Therapy & Advanced: Zenergy Yoga

  • Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens: TeenYoga UK

  • Mindful Fundamentals & Mindful Educator: Mindful Schools

  • Yoga for Children with Special Needs Teacher Training: Yoga In My School

  • iRest for Children & Teens: Global Family Yoga

  • Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training: Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia

  • Mental Health First Aid Certificate: Mental Health First Aid Australia

  • Registered NDIS provider

Meet Gail! Gail can regularly be found at various KinKou Yoga classes for children and/or teens making sure everyone has access to what’s happening in the class, providing a helping hand of support where it’s needed and helping young yogis to relax with her magical massages :)

Gail has many years of experience working with children of all ages, abilities and additional needs. She currently works in the public school system providing invaluable classroom support for children with additional needs, has worked as an ABA therapist working one-to-one with children on the Autism Spectrum and is a director and founder of Angels for Autism (providing online information, resources and support for anyone working with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Gail is a devoted and experienced yogi who is a beautiful example of someone who truly aspires to live the yoga life in its entirety.  Part of this is evidenced by Gail’s involvement in POD. POD is made up of an amazing group of like-minded long-time friends who have formed a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising funds to emPower, suppOrt and eDucate those in need.  You can find out more about POD through their Facebook page.